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New Operational Risk Training

We are pleased to announce a new Operational Risk masterclass for our in-house clients.

This training is specially designed to support business unit leads, managers and staff that have to face a central operational risk function. Many operational risk units, especially those in banks, reach out to their business units through an extended network of associates and collaborators. This training has been designed for these very important people.

You can access the training map here [LINK] and information on how to use this map is provided below. Feel free to click around to open up more information on each module and if you have any recommended topics you would like included in the training, please do revert back to Martin Davies [LINK].

The Applied Op Risk Training Map | Causal Capital

The Applied Operational Risk Program

This training was inspired by a leading bank in the Gulf who wanted to train the operational risk support unit on applied topics for assessing operational risk in the bank. The program has been developed from our flagship operational risk certified masterclass but adapted to make it more hands on, less academic and really applied with useful case studies and easy to follow modules.

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