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Causal Capital Knowledge Capital Specialists
Our Team

Martin Davies

SME Risk Products

Managing Director

Christine Davies.jpg

Christine Davies

Senior Managing Partner

Frocy (1).JPG

Frocy Labrador

Head of Innovative Learning & Talent Development - Asia

Tereza Zajkova (2).jpg

Tereza Zajkova

Head of Finance and Administration

Sean Ng

Head of Technology Development

Nadica Gorgieva (2).jpg

Nadica Gorgieva

Intelligence Data Associate & Delivery Specialist


Catherine Loe

Design & Delivery Specialist

Andrej Stojanovski.jpg

Andrej Stojanovski

Information Technology Specialist

Mladenka Vuchkova Close up (1).jpg

Mladenka Vuchkova

Team Leader - Professional Development Advisory

Kiril Gjurchinovski.png

Kiril Gjurchinovski

Senior Professional Development Advisor

milan prof fotoedited.jpg

Milan Jovanovic

Senior Professional Development Advisor

Eli Zajkova (1).JPG

Eli Zajkova

Professional Development Advisor

Marija Ilievska_cropped.jpg

Marija Ilievska

Professional Development Advisor

Ivan Gjorgjevikj_edited.png

Ivan Gjorgjevikj

Professional Development Advisor

Bojana_cropped 2.jpg

Bojana Stoimenovska

Professional Development Advisor

Ivona Trajkovska_BW.jpg

Ivona Trajkovska

Professional Development Advisor

About Us

Causal Capital

The Knowledge Capital Specialists


Causal Capital is a knowledge, research, advisory and consultancy business working across South East Asia and The Arabian Gulf.


Our clients come from various industry sectors including; banking, hedge funds, brokerage, energy, pharma, manufacturing, utilities and construction.


We design bespoke solutions and frameworks for risk management, analytics, policy and data.

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Causal Capital


105 Cecil Street | #16-00 The Octagon Singapore 069534

London - Zurich - Skopje - Singapore - Sydney

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