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 Trading, Hedging Risk Management 

Markets, Trading, Hedging & Portfolios

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Causal Capital

The Knowledge Captial Specialists

 About this masterclass ...

Under popular request, we are pleased to announce our new Markets, Trading and Hedging masterclass that wraps up trading strategies, instrument design, performance and risk measurement into one huge jumbo workshop.


If you really want to know not only what is going on in the markets but why, this workshop will be an eye-opener jam packed with useful information, live models and spread sheets.

"Really gain an understanding of how markets work from the ground up in a highly practical hands on way"

FX ~ Commodities ~ Equities ~ Fixed Income ~ Rates ~ Money Markets ~ Credit Markets

 Trading ~ Deep Dive 

Strategise it ...

Quantify it ...

Trade it ...


  • Find market opportunities

  • Explore trading techniques

  • New trends in funds --- what's hot 

  • Develop solid portfolio strategies

  • FX, Fixed Income, Equites are all covered

  • What are investors looking for in the gulf

  • Learn how to read the markets

  • What is compliant trading

  • Learn how to develop trading strategies

  • Measure Sharpe, Jensen Alpha, Information Ratio, Calmer Ratio, Treynor, Omega, Stutzer Indexes, Upside Potential

  • Learn how to value an asset

  • Build performance tracking reports

  • Measure your risk appetite

  • Different measures of Value at Risk

  • Learn how to price volatility 

  • Stress testing a portfolio, learn how


  • The steps for effecting a trade

  • Order, Limits and Stops explained

  • Offsetting and Netting Described

  • Rules and Regulations Explained

  • Learn how to minimise loss

  • Where is it safe to leverage

  • What makes a sharia compliant trade

  • Forwards, Swaps, Options are explained

  • Learn how structured products work

Forwards ~ Futures ~ Options ~ Swaps ~ Bonds ~ Stocks ~ Structured Products ...

 Your Facilitator 

Martin | Causal Capital

Risk Framework Architect

Martin is a Middle and Front office architect who designs risk, pricing, measurement and trading systems for banks, brokerages, exchanges, energy houses. He is unique in that he his knowledge extends both deeply into the front office and control functions of a trading team. Martin also has a very strong knowledge of ALM, treasury, trade and investment units in a large array of different financial insitutions.

Martin carries a strong knowledge of structured products, trading practices, investment strategies and is working with some of the largest banks in the emerging markets.

In the futures markets, Martin has worked closely with a stock exchange in South East Asia assisting with the design of new commodity instrument and he recently developed a new structured investment product for a Saudi Arabian bank.


Credited trainer for the International Academy of Financial Management on structured finance. Martin has outstanding information technology skill, is able to program in C++, VB, VBA, S-Plus and R-Project for statistical analysis of market data and skilled up on front office trading platforms such Bloomberg.

Martin is a highly engaging trainer who has been passionately involved in the markets for over a decade "

Previous Attendee | Saudi Trader

What I specifically like about this program is the practical and hands on nature of it. We really get stuck deep into trading strategies and measuring returns, it's a very balanced course "

Facilitator Comment | Martin Davies

 About You 

Avoiding Uncertainty

Perhaps you are a relationship or an account manager who needs to understand the commercial dynamics your clients face. May be you face market uncertainty yourself and would like to know how to measure, transfer and hedge this risk in an effective way.

Speculating on Uncertainty

You may have excess (surplus) cash in treasury, perhaps you wish to exploit market opportunities or build a long term investment strategy.  This masterclass deeply explores these aspects of the tradable end of the markets from the simple to the sophisticated and information is demonstrated using real life case studies that are easy to follow.

Supporting those that do

May be you are an auditor or risk manager working with people that take or trade risk and you need to know why they do what they do, what they are actually doing and how they are doing it.

This is not just a workshop on trading but balances out trading practices with risk and performance measurement. It also includes up to date information on new regulations.

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Building a new portfolio | Saudi Investment Unit

Working with Middle Office | UAE Banking Group

Become a trader ~ learn how to read and measure the markets 

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+65 6221 7919

+44 20 7097 1580

"This masterclass has been one of the most insightful and enjoyable programs on trading I have attended"

Senior Auditor | Qatar Bank

"Martin walks the class through instruments, pricing and investment strategies, it's just excellent"

Private Banker | Malaysian Bank

 Build your own workshop 

This is your masterclass, feel free to adjust it to suit your needs.

  • Add in topics

  • Suggest specific case studies

  • Ask questions before we kick off


Bring your own business case to the workshop !!!

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