Risk Management in the cloud

Welcome to CONTRIVANCE an Enterprise Wide Risk Identification and Assessment System. This is a supported and unlimited risk management software system designed and hosted by Causal Capital ~ It assists auditors and Enterprise Risk Managers with their daily work.

Risk Management Supported in the cloud

A refreshingly new approach to Risk Assessment for Auditors, Compliance Teams and Enterprise Risk Managers.

Mobile Phone coverage for this system is currently being planned.

About This

Who is Causal Capital?


Causal Capital is a knowledge transfer company that offers Certified Risk Training, Research, Software and Total Solutions to a wide range of small and large companies.

We cover South East Asia and the Gulf with the latest best practices in GRC, Audit, Compliance, Risk Management & Due Diligence.

Our clients include large international banks, governments, local financial institutions, utilities, brokers,

regulators, small & large firms operating complex supply chains.



  • Risk Taxonomy / Universe

  • Risk Profiling

  • Risk Registration

  • Risk Appetite Management

  • Control Assessment

  • Enterprise Wide Reporting

  • Compliance Coverage Mapping

  • Quantitative Engine

  • Parametric Risk Reporting

  • Unlimited Risk Database Size

  • All for free if you are a client of Causal Capital

Version | B0.2 (Fire)

Contrivance Reading

October 21, 2017

Over the years I have seen, used and been part of the development team for a large array of risk management software systems. It was actually the business of risk management or developing solutions for it that dragged me away from the information technology game; so ma...

August 26, 2016

The Contrivance Database is hosted in the cloud on a Microsoft SQL server distributed cluster for reliability, speed and security. Wherever you are in the world we are able to provide fast updates to your browser.

There are three main areas in the Contrivance database...

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