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AML/CFT Profiling Tool

AML Suspicious Activity Reporting procedures require new thinking in client~facility risk profiling.

Causal Capital builds a bank database tool for this [LINK].

ERM Software Solution

Enterprise Risk Management does require comprehensive tooling.

Causal Capital develops new system for ERM practitioners more information here [LINK].

Risk Based Audit Cases

Our Risk Based Audit programs are viewed as global best practice and incredible value for auditors.


Practical hands on learning and access to an auditor's information portal, no training provider. Risk Based Audit code sets and much more in the program [LINK]. 

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If there is a risk or management topic you would like us to research or perhaps you have a business problem you would like to solve ... just leave your comments here and we may research and write an article on your pet interest.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

If you are looking for technical support or advisory, please click the send details button and we will be in touch with you.

Causal Capital specialises in creating bespoke risk management solutions taking in policy writing, research, model development, risk system design, training and much more. 


Causal Capital has progressed forwards with a new set of learning and software products which include developing strategies for Risk Managed Tradable Assets, evolving our masterclasses so that they become the world class deeper even more practical instructive learning event you can attend. 

New Developments Include:

 Creation of the industry leader Continuous Learning Program

 Development of two new causal risk measurement solutions

 Construction of the Equinoxium Trading Portal for leading investors across the realm of structured investments

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