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Risk  Assessment  in  Audit

Assessing the risk in an audit is an activity that auditors who perform Traditional or Risk Based Audit need to be proficient with. There are so many different commercial settings that are presented to auditors which require detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment.

This 3 Day Risk Assessment in Audit masterclass is a deep dive into Risk Based Audit assessment techniques.


This will highlight assessing & measuring potential loss in an audit, enhancing your audit reports and improving your assessment coverage.

Causal Capital Pte Ltd is now registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

Each course attendee will be awarded:

32 CPE credit points by field of study






   6 CPE points

   6 CPE points

 10 CPE points

 10 CPE points

Course Outline





  • Build Audit Data Repositories

  • Financial Data Analysis

  • Build an Audit Scorecard

  • Data Stratification

  • Collect & Clean Data in audit

  • Learn how to Interrelate Data

  • Audit KRIs shown

  • Learn how to frame controls

  • Top 20 quantitative audit analysis models & techniques

  • Fault Trees in audit

  • Monte Carlo in audit

  • FN Curves in audit

  • Consequence Prob Matrix

  • Markov Analysis for auditors

  • Bayesian Networks

  • Logistic Regression

  • KPIs for business tested

  • Learn how to report tabular results using pivot tables

  • Identify emerging risks in audit & test this data

  • Learn how to benchmark incidents and trade data

Auditors that want to learn how to quantify materiality on an audit

Teams performing operational audits

Senior and junior auditors

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Risk Based Audit 

If you have attended this popular masterclass previously, the Quantitative Risk Assessment masterclass is a good course to follow-up with to advance your skills.



Risk Framework Architect | Causal Capital Pte Ltd

Martin is a Subject Matter Expert in risk management and audit who has been working across the space of risk assessment for years.


He has experience with incident investigations, control assessments and audit scoring frameworks that are sensitive to the material nature of a business unit being audited. Martin has worked with banks from Australia, right through the emerging markets Asia and into the gulf.  Away from the banking sector he has deep experience developing risk and audit frameworks for manufacutring companies that are enterprise wide.


Martin develops reporting methods from the ground up and is skilled in developing analytics systems for auditors.  In this program he will show attendees how to design an interactive heat map, how to assess leading factors that potentially drive loss using new Discriminant Analysis audit techniques.  All work Martin develops in the masterclass will be open and can be applied in the workplace by auditors after the masterclass is completed.


This masterclass has been one of the most insightful and enjoyable audit workshops I have attended.

Senior Auditor | Qatar Bank

Martin walks the class through the entire space of risk based audit, every day is so fascinating.

Head of Audit | Malaysian Bank

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Course Facilitator


A demonstration of a distrbution was given and an example where empirical data is fitted was explained.

A risk taxonomy massively adds context to audit reporting.

The quantification of potential risk exposure has several levels of maturity. We start off with an assessment that captures traditional P x I methods that is flawed but will be improved with a Monte Carlo model.


Pleasure working with leading auditors.

A complete Monte Carlo model was built up to dimension exposure in a coherent manner and to explore how Benefit of Cost can be derived.

Delegate presenting his work, taking in all aspects of the Risk Based Audit framework.

Team discussing the approach to pulled together their map.


Have a team to train?

Have a requirement to run the course internally?

Hold an in-house course at your convenience, with customised course outlines and specific industry case studies. We can adapt this training to meet your exact needs.

Contact us to find out more!

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Competency training is a new and targetted way to deliver not just knowledge but know how to attendees that maximises their learning.


We lift the technical competency profile of staff so that they can make a true commercial difference to the companies they work for.

Nina Singh | Causal Capital Product Inteligence

Causal Capital has a really strong reputation for delivering quality training programs where participants' learning lasts years after the knowledge transfer has begun.  We develop cutting edge masterclasses that addresses the real business problems our attendees face in their day to day work. Our learning is enjoyable, highly instructive, practical and easy to follow and we lift CV of our candidates to a best practice technical level.

  • All programs are hands onpractical and easy to follow

  • Materials are available in hard and electronic format

  • Attendees gain lifetime membership to portal libraries

  • Technical aspects are explained with real life examples

  • All our programs come with post workshop support

  • Real problem solving ... Bring your business problem along

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