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Some of our Masterclasses
Enterprise Risk Management Cover.png

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Practitioners | Riyadh / Oman

Build a complete risk management framework from the foundations right through to being able to quantify risk coherently. For more information, follow this LINK.

Certified HR Data Analytics Cover_Croppe

HR Data Analytics

Analysts & HR Managers | Oman / Dubai

Learn how to investigate various models and identify data sources for modelling HR business problem. Build an interactive HR dashboard to improve company planning efforts. For more information, follow this LINK

Certified Financial Modeler

Modelers | Riyadh / Dubai

This is an incredible masterclass that explores different aspects of financial models in Excel. If you want to learn excel, become an expert in valuation or develop business models, this is the course for you.


Please contact Kiril for more information LINK.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Risk Managers

If you are done with enterprise risk management or operational risk workshops and you want to move to the next level, then this is the masterclass for you. Learn how to assess risk in financial terms, become an expert in modelling KRIs, develop dashboards and understand how to actually price risk in this easy to follow masterclass.

Please contact Milan for more information LINK.

Risk Based Audit

Auditors | Kuwait / Riyadh

An exciting and very hands-on risk sensitive audit program that will be delivered across the globe. For more information, follow this LINK.

For more information on other courses, click on the Masterclass tab


Causal Capital Benefits

Causal Capital offers Research, Training, Consulting and Software Systems for financial & corporates across the Arabian Gulf and South East Asia.

We specialise in providing the latest certified masterclasses in risk 

management and other programs for 2019 can be viewed here.

Custom Built

Many of our clients design their own training programs. Work with us on your specific training needs and we'll build your masterclass from the ground up.

Learning Portals

Many of our courses offer participants lifetime access to the learning portal.

2019 What's Up

Causal Capital will be launching three new product lines for this year:​​

New Risk Initiatives

New programs are being planned for practitioners looking for niche industry courses. We will be releasing our new Risk Based Audit programs for Oil and Gas. In addition, we will also be releasing new ERM courses in Insurance and in Banking.

Specialised Risk Management Services for Oil & Gas

Specialised programs will help leaders in Risk Management for this industry sector improve the way in which they capture and model risk data.

Banker's Academy

For our valued customers from Finance & Banking, the Banker's Academy is soon to be announced that offers the prospect for continuous learning that goes beyond competency-based skills transfer. Bankers will able to become subject matter experts on a wide range of topics from Treasury Services through to Due Diligence in a Project Finance.

Certified by London School of Business

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Certified by LSBF

Under the royal patronage of Pince Michael of Kent, LSBF has established itself as one of the world's fastest growing business schools, teaching over 38,000 students worldwide.

Causal Capital Masterclasses

These technical programs and many others we provide not only bring the latest in commercial best practices, they are certified by the London School of Business and Finance.

Additional Course Benefits

  • Attendees will receive indefinite access to a complete online portal of reading and training materials.

  • Each course is backed up with post workshop support.

  • For the Risk programs access to Contrivance, the new Risk Management software, will be provided.

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