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2017 Internal Audit Insights

At the beginning of each year, so many consulting firms, investment bankers and risk managers throw their hand in for a prediction to what lies ahead for the next calendar year. You can't really go past New Year's Eve by more than a couple of days without amassing an inbox of watch out for this or that in 2017 ... It's tiresome.

The Deloitte Opinion Whitepaper on "High-Impact areas of focus in 2017" is not your typical speculative foretelling tripe and eludes to trends that are impacting internal audit units across the globe. It is an interesting read that I picked up from one of Norman Marks risk management blogs. He is a bit of an expert when it comes to internal audit world class practices, and from client discussions we are engaged in at Causal Capital, the Deloitte whitepaper appears to be right on the mark.

Ten New Masterclasses for Auditors | Causal Capital [LINK]

There are Eleven areas of interest that Deloitte recommends should be relevant to auditors, and many of these activity areas are either part of masterclasses Causal Capital currently offers or are in the plan for 2017. If all goes well, this should be a busy year for Causal Capital, and we are hoping to release a sizable number of new exciting masterclasses that will benefit auditors and risk managers.

Please do feel free to click on the presentation link to see our new set of audit masterclasses and if you have any questions, do feel free to reach out to us.

Most importantly, Happy New Year ...

Causal Capital Presentation can be found here Causal Capital [LINK] and the Deloitte Whitepaper can be found here [LINK].

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