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IOSCO Securities Market Risk Outlook

If you are working across the securities market, investing, trading or supplying treasury services to businesses, this white paper from IOSCO is a good read from a risk management perspective.

Risk registries are certainly not an uncommon feature of a typical enterprise risk management framework and so many risk managers across the planet build them. All this aside, this registry from IOSCO [LINK] will be a refreshing read because it is contextually focussed around its purpose.

IOSCO Securities Market Risk Outlook | IOSCO [LINK]

There are the common and popular threats of cyber risk sneaking into the brief as to be expected but this paper supports such dialogue with incident data. There is also a section on the current position of the global markets which is important of course but really just headline news.

Moving beyond the mundane, the sections on market trends, corporate bond market liquidity, harmful products entering the retail domain and specifically new risks in collateral transactions is so absolutely on the mark with how the securities industry has morphed over the last few years.

If you are a risk manager working in the markets, this paper should be academically consumed and it will give you a strong road map with respects to the sources of risk that need to be understood in more detail.


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