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Supply Chains and Product Design

This is an interesting paper and it very much touches on the x-factor of why some products are successful and others are not.

If you were to read a classic book on micro economics or finance, success could be measured as the ability to enjoy economies of scale by identifying a product corridor for yielding a stable operating margin that can grow functionally as the company does. Product design disrupts this thinking and is perhaps the real x-factor on why some companies that manufacture goods are able to repeat success, while others end up casted into the one hit wonder wastebasket.

This paper on "Ubiquitous Cultural Inspirations" is an interesting read and it opens up a Pandora's Box of causal considerations on how product development teams should perhaps create in the future.

Translocated Projects Mapped onto Suffixscapes | Ashley Hall [ LINK ]

Being an analyst, I particularly found the Translocated Projects Map fascinating to ponder on and I agree with where the author is going with his work. From a Supply Chain Management perspective, it would be useful if managers also developed such a map because I believe it would help them connect up innovative or inspirational input, an intangible asset, a differentiator that is very hard to understand in some complex businesses.

Translocated Innovative Input has value in my opinion, the adoption of it is often flagged as creative, it is difficult to quantify and it is the reason why a business will succeed.

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