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Causal Capital's New Journal

To our valued customers and followers, we are continually making improvements to the Causal Capital knowledge centre and it is about time that we needed to overhaul our blogging space.

The original Causal Capital Blog [LINK] is to be retired and replaced with a new and improved blogging interface that is cleaner to read, easier to access on mobile devices and we thought we might as well give ourselves a facelift while we had the hood up. Nothing else changes and why would it?

The Causal Capital blog has been incredibly popular over the years and it has received hundreds of thousands of hits, some incredible stories that seemed to attract quite interesting commentary at times from what is generally a relatively narrow community of important people, you. Thank you for the support, it is completely appreciated at this end.

None of this was my intention either and for me, the Causal Capital blog was just a space to dump sporadic home grown thinking around risk management. You know it’s a bit of a passion of mine but it seems to have spawned on a captive audience that shares my interest in excelling at the practice of risk management.

Anyway, the content will remain on the old blog, what has been blogged will be sustained as a lexicon, we might even refer to the original postings nostalgically at times and you will always be able to visit the original site. However, new articles will appear in our Disruptive Markets Journal with that good old independent research, candid spirit of risk writing and my occasional language twists prevailing.

For those of you working with Causal Capital, you will also be noticing a lot of other changes too and we have expanded our wonderful team of experienced practitioners substantially over the last couple of months. This will help us to continue to deliver a top quality product we have an industry reputation for.

Finally, we have partnered with a business school in London and upgraded all of your training material sets into online and interactive portals that are handed over in entirety to workshop attendees that join our educational programs. It’s a pretty good value proposition but I leave that up to the marketing people in Causal Capital to explain. At the end of the day, I am just another one of the technical crew that writes on risk.

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