Saudi Arabia has been dependent on oil but with the reduction in demand and the drop of oil prices it needs to find alternative 

revenue sources. Saudi Arabia is going through a 15-year plan called Vision 2030 to reinvent itself by moving up the value chain. 

To do this, large and complex mega and giga projects have been identified and budgets have been established.

The Saudi King has carried out an assessment of critical success factors and determined that PMOs at all levels of the government 

and industry are key to success for these projects. The concept of PMOs have been established at the Kingdom level reporting to the 

highest authority.

This amazing story explains how PMOs were identified as functional critical success factors and how they are one of the 

main pillars of success for a nation that needs to change.

The Webinar moves from the macro to the micro level and details the challenges PMO directors and PMO managers will face 

during this journey to create a Kingdom of PMOs.


Industry expert Dr. Robert Joslin, and co-founder of AIPMO (Association of International PMOs) is joined by the IT Strategy and 
Transformation Director of the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce & Investment, Mr. Mazen Emad Bizreh. Together, they will walk you through

the Saudi 2030 Vision and give a crystal ball look into PMOs in 2030. The webinar will include polls and a short forum discussion 

towards the end of the webinar to get yours views into the Saudi Vision and the role of PMOs in achieving this vision.


  • The importance of seven core principles underpinning PMOs

  • The top 10 drivers for PMO change

  • Why and how PMO principles will increase the long-term value of PMOs within an organisation



  • Dr. Robert Joslin - PMfP®, PgMP®, IEEE, CEng
  • Mazen Emad Bizreh - PMP® – Ministry of Commerce & Investment, Saudi Arabia



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