The Role of Principle-Based ‘Business Case Framework’ in Project Success.


Business case building is no longer a job in finance or back office. Nor is it a standalone affair where business cases are built in isolation of the other initiates. Today, businesses are more complex in terms of initiatives, processes, partners, and perspectives that demand an integrated framework approach to support the case development especially in the content of projects, programs, and portfolios.

This webinar focuses first on the qualities that differentiate the successful and effective business case from cases that fail. Then explains the challenges in understanding specifically what it takes to deliver a business case that scores high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value that gives decision makers the confidence they need to take action. It then concluded by explaining how a principle-driven business case framework impacts project performance and organizational business performance.




  • Why the professional-quality business is demanded for robust decisions and planning in project management, product management, strategic planning, budgeting, business development, and other core roles

  • Qualities that differentiate the successful and effective business case from cases that fail

  • How a principle-driven business case-building framework impacts project performance

  • How to build your own business case competency (skills and knowledge) so as to reach a recognized professional-level at business case writing




  • Dr. Marty Schmidt

  • Dr. Robert Joslin




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