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First Time Manager

This is a practical workshop that walks through the various aspects of communication, setting goals & objectives for staff.


You will learn how to manage Feedback, Performance and become an excellent coach.

New managers will become comfortable using different management styles to develop high perfoming teams, sensitive to your organisational and team context.  They will practise every-day management techniques including communication of vision and how to motivate others.




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About This

Why this is important for you


There are so many management programs in the training market today but the majority of them fail to transfer tangible competency to attendees.

Effective business leaders need to be able to do specific things really well to succeed and these skills can be transfered in an enjoyable journey that evolves people.

Successful Leaders are able to ... 

Know what to act on, when and how to act.

You also need to be able to develop a game plan that manages how to deliver capability.

Finally, you need to be able to communicate your visions to stakeholders for buy-in and your resource pool for support.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Become a Diverse Manager

  • Learn winning Team Communication 

  • Form High Performance Teams

  • Set Clear Achievable Goals & Objectives

  • Master Feedback and Performance Management

  • Learn how to coach like a professional

  • Drive your Staff Engagement

  • Improve your Peer Standing

  • Manage Time and Technology like a wizard

  • Your Presentation Skills will become outstanding

  • Manage Disputes Effectively

Course Outline

For the new manager

If you have just become or are about to become a new manager, this program will be extremely valuable for you.  Become confident making decisions, manage resources with ease and have an understanding on what drives a business.

For the technical lead

Gain invaluable skills and knowledge that will build up your resume, learn how to get ahead and truly advance your career.  You may have the technical skills to do your job well, now gain the business skills.

Polishing Up

Lacking in a core skill, perhaps your communication skills could be more polished or maybe you don't feel comfortable with numbers and decision making? Polish up your core professional capabilities.

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Who is suitable for this?


Sarah Robertson

Leadership Development Consultant and Facilitator

Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with organisations to develop high performing leaders. Her experience includes supporting the change leadership of post merger integration programs and helping integrate diverse cultures at GE, creating the culture for high performing teams. She is a GE trained coach on Change Acceleration Program, GE’s certified change management process.

As a senior leader at Accenture and BCG she has worked with client leadership teams to develop and deliver learning curriculums to support managers as they develop into leaders, to help teams and individual leaders understand themselves and others better, and to help organisation become more creative, innovative and make better decisions within complexity.

Sarah integrates this deep experience with her training in psychology and mindfulness to help participants understand the way our brains work as well as how to develop and maintain new behaviours. She holds a certificate in leadership coaching from Erickson International and is an experienced MBTI facilitator.

Psychology | Msc, University of East London, UK
PhD Cell Biology | Sheffield University
Bsc Cell Biology | Manchester University
Leadership & Management | Corporate Mindfulness
Accreditation; Senior Leadership Readiness; Business
Coaching Certification; Project Leadership; Myers Briggs
Certified Coach; GE Crotonville Leadership Curricula;
Accenture Corporate University

Accreditations & Academia

  • General Electric

  • Accenture

  • Astra Zeneca

  • Primark (Retail)

  • Nordea Bank

  • Merck Sharp &Dohme

  • Bristol Myers Squibb

Some of her clients

  • Development of leadership programs

  • Shaping and designing client leadership curriculums

  • Design of comprehensive change management process and toolkit

  • Development of training materials for client internal roll out

Winning Factors

Course Facilitator

Public Training


Early Bird Discounts

Register 2 months prior

Register 1 month prior

Save USD $600

Save USD $300

Group Discounts

3 or more delegates

5 or more delegates

10% Savings

20% Savings

Original Price

USD $2850

In-House Training

Have a team to train?


Have a requirement to run the course internally?

Hold an in-house course at your convenience, with customised course outlines and specific industry case studies. We can adapt this training to meet your exact needs.

Contact us to find out more!

Priti Kalra

Senior Business Development Manager

+65 6221 7919


Competency training is a new and targetted way to deliver not just knowledge but know how to attendees that maximises their learning.


We lift the technical competency profile of staff so that they can make a true commercial difference to the companies they work for.

Nina Singh | Causal Capital Product Inteligence

Causal Capital has a really strong reputation for delivering quality training programs where participant learning lasts years after the knowledge transfer has begun.  We develop cutting edge masterclasses that addresses the real business problems our attendees face in their day to day work. Our learning is enjoyable, highly instructive, practical and easy to follow and we lift CV of our candidates to a best practice technical level.

  • Hands onpractical and easy to follow

  • Materials in hard and electronic format

  • Gain lifetime membership to portal

  • Technical aspects explained with real life examples

  • All programs come with workshop support

  • Problem Solving ~ Bring your business problem along

Why Causal Capital

T: +65 6221 7919 | +65 6221 7939



105 Cecil Street, #22-00, The Octagon Suite 2203, Singapore 069534

Registerd Company No.: 200619120E

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