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Risk Based Audit Masterclass

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 Masterclass value proposition

This page is dedicated to the leading Certified Risk Based Audit masterclass that takes place each year. This year we are in Muscat.


Attendees can become Certified through The London Shool of Business allowing them to put these credentials their CV


This is a fantastic chance to meet other leading auditors in the gulf, share audit assessment ideas while improving your knowledge in this complex area of corporate governance.


All certified members receive indefinite access to an online portal that becomes their own library of reading material, unlocked and ready to use.

A certified deep dive masterclass that walks auditors through the journey of a Risk Based Audit from start to finish.


You will improve the quality, coverage and significance of your audits after attending this highly practical workshop "

 Key Pillars of a Risk Based Audit 

Audit Frameworks

Detailed Control Assessment

Sampling & Audit Reports


  • Design taxonomy to frame assessments

  • ISO 31000 front to back

  • New release of COSO applied to audits

  • Assess Risk Appetite in an audit context

  • Road map for Risk Based Audit explained

  • How to plan a Risk Based Audit

  • Map a business unit for an audit

  • Develop a risk registry to audit against

  • Capture control network factors


  • ISO 31010 audit assessment techniques

  • Bowtie, SNEAK, Fault Trees explained

  • Root Cause Analysis Case Study

  • Develop a CSA questionnaire

  • Assess material risks with Monte Carlo

  • New audit score techniques explained

  • Connect operating audits to finance

  • Explore new audit heat maps

  • Report coverage & governance in audits


  • Go beyond three lines of defense

  • Develop new coverage sampling methods

  • Case Study Transaction Auditing 

  • Case Study Control Factor Reporting

  • Continuous Risk Based Audit Explained

  • Review leading best practice audit reports

  • Build a Risk Based Audit database

  • Build a Risk Based Audit dashboard

  • Become certified by LSBF

Your Facilitator

 Martin Davies 

Martin | Causal Capital

Risk Framework Architect

Martin is a Subject Matter Expert in risk management and audit who has been working across the space of risk assessment for years.


He has experience with incident investigations, control assessments and audit scoring frameworks that are sensitive to the material nature of a business unit being audited. Martin has worked with banks from Australia, right through the emerging markets Asia and into the gulf.  Away from the banking sector he has deep experience developing risk and audit frameworks for manufacutring companies that are enterprise wide.


Martin develops reporting methods from the ground up and is skilled in developing analytics systems for auditors.  In this program he will show attendees how to design an interactive heat map, how to assess leading factors that potentially drive loss using new Discriminant Analysis audit techniques.  All work Martin develops in the masterclass will be open and can be applied in the workplace by auditors after the masterclass is completed.

Martin walks through this very easy to follow RBA process that has been designed to help auditors move into a Risk Based Audit with ease. Participants receive the paper and a detailed book on Risk Based Audit.

IIA on Risk Based Audit

Richard Chambers, President of The Institute of Internal Auditors discusses the importance of moving internal audit functions to a Risk Based Audit.


Auditors will ...

  • Improve the quality of their audits

  • Be more effective with the coverage of their audit reports

  • Generate audit reports which are significant to most recent threats


Meet the IIA recomendations with this program.

All about you

 Who is suitable for this? 

Seasoned Audit Professionals

Seasoned auditors with years of experience will find the technical aspects of this masterclass fascinating and useful.  The latest COSO and IIA practices are explained with case studies.  Additionally, we take auditors into new assessment techniques that allow materiality from controlled threats to be measured. Learn how to state the potential outcome of control failure in a coherent manner.

New Auditors

Those auditors that are new to the vocation of control assessment and governance reporting will learn best practices.  You are also able to become a Certified Risk Based Auditor from the London School of Business.  You will be able to put this credential on your CV and improve you standing among auditors.

Senior and Executive Managers

Learn about what a strong audit should be giving you in your company.  Gain direct insight into the latest techniques being employed by auditors to improve a board's oversight for control and policy governance across the entire enterprise. Learn how operating risks translate to financial outcomes.

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Become a certified in performing a Risk Based Audit with London School of Business

Latest IIA and best practices for operational audits explained

Explore new ways to evaluate and assess control effectiveness

Success Story

 Ask your advisor a question 

Priti Kalra

Professional Development Advisor

"This masterclass has been one of the most insightful and enjoyable audit workshops I have attended"

Senior Auditor | Qatar Bank

"Martin walks the class through the entire space of risk based audit, every day is so fascinating"

Head of Audit | Malaysian Bank

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