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 Exposing the Uncertainty in

 Human Capital    

NEW HR Data Analytics

Manila, Philippines

28 - 30 May 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23 - 25 July 2018

 Training Schedule 

"Data Analytics is what leading HR departments are using today to make informed decisions. The transition can be easy with a road map we have designed just for you"

In just 3 days, you experience


  • Becoming a master in your field through analytics

  • Real life case studies used to explain your concepts

  • Your reporting done faster & painlessly

  • Easy to understand and fascinating to follow

  • All material handed over in hard & soft copy

  • Come up to speed with the latest HR techniques

  • Free advisory after the course 

Make effective decisions that improve the way you will look among your peers?


We show you what to capture, how to capture it and why it is important ...

Certified by the London School of Business

Build a HR Dashboard

After attending this workshop you will be able to build live interactive dashboards such as this ...

We build the HR dashboard once a year in Dubai & Manila

For the HR Manager

Human resource managers will gain direct insight into best practices that can be applied to HR Data Analytics. Can your deparment's HR reporting be improved and how would that improvement take shape will be answered in this workshop.

For the Business Analysts

Business Analysts will learn how to capture and model data around HR KPI's.  Learn how to develop surveys to investigate factors that impact the performance of staff, understand which KPIs are most important and look at ways prove assumptions.

For Other Managers

Other managers in a business including operations managers, project managers and auditors can also benefit from this program.  Learn how to measure 'people performance', become comfortable with assessing human resource capability.

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Develop a reporting road map for your HR department in this course

Develop effective assessment techniques for modelling HR KPIs


Become expect in planning for human resource requirements

Advancing Tooling in HR

The workshop will address a large number of technical challenges in human resources, especially where those requirements overlap or fall directly in the analytics area of human capital management.


We solve some of the big problems human resource departments face using easy to follow techniques that can be taken away by attendees and applied directly in their workplace.

  • Develop new ways to assess staff performance

  • Understand what will retain employees

  • Create smooth repeatable HR processes

  • Learn how analytics can match skills to employees

  • Improve they way human resources faces the business

  • Look at how to optimise human capital

  • Explore best practice ways to forecase human capital

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