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  Credit Assessment  Scoring & Valuation 

Certified Credit Risk Assessor

 The Value Proposition 

Welcome to the Certified Credit Risk Assessor masterclass that will be taking place in Dubai on October 16th - 18th.

Attendees can become Certified through The London Shool of Business allowing them to put the CCRA initials on their CV


This is a practical masterclass that leads practitioners through the best practice steps for performing a comprehensive Credit Assessment.

~ A detailed framework for credit risk

~ Calculate Probability of Default

~ Calculate Loss Given Default

~ EAD & LGD Collateral Gap Analysis

~ Learn how to value debt

~ Financial Statement Analysis 

~ Decompose Financial Statements into Ratios

~ Dupont Analysis for Credit Risk

~ Perform Analysis of Net Trade Cycles

~ Window Dressing Techniques

~ Internally Score Credit

~ Credit Spread Modelling of Corporate Debt

~ Credit risk in different debt facilities

~ How to Restructure Debt

~ Accounts Receivables Reporting

~ How to write and test credit policy

Nina Janeva

Professional Development Advisor

Credit Products


Professional Development Advisor

Credit Products

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 Key Pillars of Credit Assessment 




  • Credit Risk Frameworks explained

  • PD, LDG, EAD metrics demonstrated

  • Debt Valuation & WACC Model Sheets

  • Forecasting EBIT Seasonally Adjusted

  • Financial Statements BS, IS, CF explained

  • Risk Appetite explained with examples

  • 5C's + subordination & collateral

  • Discount Rates & Credit Spreads

  • Balance Sheet Leverage & Solvency

  • Top 10 Window Dressing Techniques

  • Assessing Credit Risk in leases 

  • Net Trade Cycles in Credit Assessment

  • Credit Ratios from Financial Statements

  • Credit Scoring model templates

  • Structure Credit for Lower Risk

  • How to test Credit Assumptions

  • Case Study Dubai Project Borrower

  • Writing Credit Appraisal Report

  • Monte Carlo Simulation for UL Reporting

  • Best Practice Arrears Reporting 

  • Credit Factor and Logistic Regression 

  • How to develop and test credit policy

  • Best Practice Credit Portfolio Reporting

  • Basel II and Basel III new requirements

  • Tips for auditing credit control functions

  • Case Study on debt restructuring 

  • London School of Business Certification

" What I really like about this program is the practical nature of it. Credit Risk concepts are taught using spread sheet models and real life case studies "

Technical Sample

Credit Ratios

64 Credit Risk Ratios Shown

Credit Portfolio Reporting

Best Practice Credit Portfolio Reports

Apex Credit Report

Basel III and Apex Credit Risk Reports

Net Trade Cycle

Calculate Net Trade Cycles and assess credit risk

Credit Risk Metrics

Measure PD, EAD and LGD in credit risk

Dupont Analysis

Connect factors on financial statements for complete credit analysis

Credit Scoring

Build credit score models

"All models and reading materials are handed across to participants on a portal & access to the portal is forever, no training offers this"

Note from the facilitator | Causal Capital

"Review of this training shows a practical delivery and technical content meets the highest of standards for certification"

Note from the Certification Body

All about you

Credit Officers

Become a Certified Credit Risk Assessor and explore the steps required to perform a comprehensive credit assessment of different types of contractual engagement. Model credit ratios and scores using best practice techniques.

Due Diligence Officers & Auditors

If you are an auditor working in financial audit, learn how to assess different business models for window dressing. Understand how counterparties conceal credit risk in their financial statements.

Credit Risk Managers

Gain insight into what is required for a fully functioning credit risk framework, write credit risk policy, test credit controls and develop reports on receivables and credit performance.

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Become a Certified Credit Risk Assessor with London School of Business

The latest best practices for developing a credit risk framework

Explore and models and various spread sheet tools that can be taken away

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