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  Best Practice  Enterprise Risk  Management 

 For  Telcos 

Certified ERM Practitioner for Telcos

 The Value Proposition 

Welcome to the Certified Enterprise Risk Management Practitioner program specifically designed for telecommunications.

Attendees can become Certified through The London School of Business allowing them to put the ERMP initials on their CV.

This is a practical masterclass that leads ERM practitioners through specific areas of this Risk Management discipline to establish a risk framework that is ideal for a telecommunications company.

In pillar I you will Learn how to apply the Global Risk Standard ISO 31000, COSO and explore the New COSO guidelines that were released in June this year.

Learn how to assess enterprise wide risk across the telecommunications business, explore how to apply a huge library of Key Risk Indicators and build an interactive Risk Management Dashboard suitable to report risk to senior management.

A certified deep dive masterclass that doesn't just look at the practices found in enterprise risk assessment but explores applied techniques which can be used to assess risk in telecommunications business "

 Key Pillars of ERM 


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1 Risk Frameworks

2 Real Life Case Studies

3 Risk Aggregation & Reporting


  • Design an enterprise wide risk taxonomy

  • ISO 31000 Frameworks in ERM for telcos

  • COSO and deep dive on new 2016 guidlines

  • Best Practice ERM Mapping for a telco

  • Departmental Risk Universe for a telco

  • Risk Appetite explained with examples

  • Risk Control Assessment practical

  • Case Study on ranking risks in a telco

  • Strategic risk in a telecommunications


  • Root Cause Analysis in operations

  • Best practices for Key Risk Indicators

  • Integrate ERM with Financial Risk FRM

  • Develop a Control Assessment Program

  • Incident identification & Management

  • Walk through Cyber Risk Framework

  • Learn how to include Reputation Risk

  • ISO 31010 Risk Assessment Techniques

  • Case Study on disruption & continuity


  • Monte Carlo models handed over

  • Build an Interactive Risk Dashboard

  • Review Risk Score Cards for telcos

  • Build a heat map and Risk Matrix

  • Benefit of Cost analysis for telcos

  • New Integrated Risk Effect Network

  • Risk Assessment of Non-Operating Areas

  • Develop & take away a risk database

  • Report confidence in ERM levels

4 Risk Treatment


  • Risk Tolerance & Appetite case study

  • How to treat credit risk in a telco

  • Set ERM Limits and write ERM policy

  • Complete gap study on Cyber Risk 

  • ERM requirements Fraud Control in telcos

  • Best practices in the gulf for ERM

  • ERM maturity models explained

  • Road maps for your ERM program

  • Attendees certification process

  • Post Workshop Support

" Top 20 Risk Assessment Techniques of ISO 31010 are demonstrated in the telco business model and compared side by side "

You will learn how to build an enterprise risk management dashboard to allow continual monitoring of risks across the telecommunications company and all of its operations.

5 Senior Management Review


  • Best Practice board level reporting

  • Roles & Responsibilities of senior management

  • How to prioritise risk at senior management level

  • Developing a responsive ERM Incident Unit 

  • Risk Culture and setting an effective tone at the top

  • ERM Road Map for senior management team

  • How to benchmark ERM models in Telco Environments

  • Benefit of Cost Models for ERM frameworks

  • Understand enterprise risk reports & make effective decisions

  • Questions & Answer put the expert on the spot

Investing into ERM

You build your own Telco ERM Dashboard "

The latest best practices for managing enterprise risk shared

Become a Certified Enterprise Risk Executive with London School of Business

Explore and build live models using various tools that can be taken away from the masterclass

All about you

 Beyond the ERM Team 

ERM Teams

Improve incident management processes, learn how to perform root cause analysis and how to assess the materiality under different types of risks telcos face.

Auditors working in ERM

If you are an auditor working in ERM, learn what needs to be in place for full ERM coverage. Understand how to integrate audit into ERM and Learn how to use risk assessment techniques in your Risk Based Audits.

Compliance Facing ERM

Develop effective compliance policy that is aligned to the risk appetite of your business. Develop new ways to assess how staff meet compliance requirements.

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"This masterclass has been one of the most insightful enterprise risk workshops I have attended"

Head of Enterprise Risk | DST Telecommunications

"The case studies, live portal library, worksheets and models make this course so valuable"

Enterprise Risk Manager | Saudia

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