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QRA is Out

All very exciting, we have now finalized the QRA reading books along with the information portal. All attendees will receive a lifetime access to this library. This masterclass is so jam-packed with case studies and models, it takes two books to capture it all instead of just the one we normally print.

For those Enterprise Risk Management Practitioners that have been on one of our earlier workshops, this course is the next level and you can think of this as ERM Mark II, the next generation of Enterprise Risk Management once you have all your traditional framework and risk assessment activities in place.

QRA Masterclass [Enlarge Image Here]

This workshop runs four key themes or sessions across four days that helps Enterprise Risk Managers improve their risk management function, take it to the next level by removing the typical inconsistencies robust ERM frameworks tend to struggle to resolve.

The key session areas include:

» Next Gen Risk ManagementCoherently measure risk & enable a strong corporate culture.

» Integrated Financial Risk ManagementIntegrate ERM with Finance.

» SimulationDecisions Trees, Monte Carlo and Control Design Case Studies.

» Deep LearningContinually Monitor Key Risk Indicators through to AI factor learning systems.

Anyway, we'll be publishing more information on QRA in the coming weeks ahead, perhaps take some excerpts from the course and write up some articles. For now, I need to prepare for delivery of this intensive program with one of our trusted clients in Bahrain next week.

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