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Agriculture Supply Chain Security

The food and agriculture centre for the United Nations has released an interesting paper on Agricultural Supply Chain Security and the outcomes of climate related catastrophes.

There are a couple of diagrams in the document which are either deeply concerning or worth pondering on in further detail, including this one on the frequency of disasters through time.

The impact of disasters on Food Security [LINK]

One does wonder whether the inherent risk or frequency of catastrophe in this case has 'truly' been rising or is this phenomenon an outcome of other factors such as:

  1. Measurement of catastrophes has improved as years have aged.

  2. The volume of land in use has increased over the years, making the risk target larger as an outcome.

The cause / effect schematic on page 22/23 is also worth looking at too and I see the way the UN is depicting tail risk in agriculture across positions of pre and post risk, as being very useful.

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