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ICC Rethinking Trade Finance 2015

Every year the ICC release their survey on the current position of global trade finance. This publication always seems to deliver wonderful market insight for banks working with importers and exporters and, this year is no different.

The ICC Trade Register Report and Survey captures 7.6 trillion goods and services exposure across the global supply chain with both good news and bad news encapsulated in the report.

Some of the good news snippets may perhaps be found in the aggregate default rate for loans financing global trade which has come in at an encouraging 0.72%. On the side of caution, there is another confirmation of a slowdown with trade in China.

There are 98 sections in this massive report covering everything from macro trade indicators through to deep dive analysis on the harmonisation of compliance in trade. This is definitely a read for our trade finance clients.

The ICC report can be downloaded from the following LINK.

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