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Risk Based Audit Whitepaper

 Risk Based Audit White Paper 

The Causal Capital team have developed a process and written a white paper that explains how internal audit functions are able to enhance their existing audit   practices into a Risk Based Audit. This paper walks through the end to end process of a Risk Based Audit in an easy to follow manner.

Building a Risk Based Audit Framework

Many internal auditors performing operational audits find it difficult to move the practice into a Risk Based Audit but the steps to do so are enjoyable and straightforward to follow.


This white paper explains how to build a Risk Based Audit practice and it also shares many of the best practice Risk Based Audit models and templates that can be downloaded as spread sheets.


Please register below and we are more than happy to send the white paper to you.

 The IIA on Risk Based Audit 

Richard Chambers, President of The Institute of Internal Auditors discusses the importance of moving internal audit functions to a Risk Based Audit.


Auditors will ...

  • Improve the quality of their audits

  • Be more effective with the coverage of their audit reports

  • Generate audit reports which are significant to most recent threats


Meet the IIA recomendations with this program.

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Professional Development Advisor

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