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Leading HR Practices

 Organisation Design Objective 

A hands-on masterclass that explores how HR organisation design can positively impact the effectiveness of any organisation.

Learn how to develop resilient business models that increase the success of a business strategy with this new course on Organisational Design.

You will not only become an expert on organisation design but also learn how to report and model performance.

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" Learn the latest in organisation design from a leading expert in human systems "

Nenad Spasovski

Professional Development Advisor

HR Design Strategies 

 What is covered 

~ What makes winning designs 

~ Trends in HR strategies

~ Organisation Design Tools

~ How to improve HR effectiveness

~ Avoid traps in org design 

~ Designs that work in the gulf

~ Designs for HR governance

~ How to improve staff performance

~ Improve strategic success 

~ New ISO 30405 covered

~ Top twenty design factors covered

~ Model staff performance 

~ Reduce time for decision-making

Increase ownership culture

~ Reduce staffing costs

~ HR become a business partner

 Three Sessions Explained 





Learn about the different types of organisation designs and how each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Develop the best practice organisation design for your organisation.



  1. Stakeholder models for performance

  2. What is working in the gulf

  3. Use new tools for design mapping


Identify the factors that lead to a winning organisation design, understand how to assess those factors and how to improve efficiency in your business.



  1. Learn how to normalise business units

  2. Increase staff quality & reliability

  3. Improve HR cost effectiveness


Use various tools and techniques to capture organisation design in the context of finance, operations and business strategy. Allocate responsibilities and improve HR reporting.



  1. Project manage structural HR change

  2. Test and Report HR Designs

  3. Set and manage performance targets

" What I really like about this program is the practical nature of it. HR concepts are explained using real life case studies "

Aligned HR


֎ All industries covered

֎ Wide array of HR

     systems are included

֎ Case Studies from

     small and larger


֎ Teaching through real

     life examples

֎ Materials in hard and

     soft copy

֎ Case studies from 

     leading gulf companies

֎ Post work shop Q&A

The success of the Causal Capital HR Analytics masterclass is followed with this New Masterclass in Organisation Design.

All reading materials are handed across to participants on a portal & access to the portal is forever.

Note from the facilitator | Causal Capital

Post workshop question and answer support is provided & real life cases studies are used.

A leader in HR Frameworks | Causal Capital

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