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   Identify, Assess, Model & Treat  

   Op Risk    

Preparing for the Op Risk Materclass

We look forward to seeing you at 08:30am on the 9th of October 2016 @ the Courtyard Marriot in Kuwait

 Who to contact 

Everything you need to know about the Operational Risk Masterclass that you are about to attend can be found on this webpage.

Our team are here to support you. Feel free to reach out to them at anytime if you have a question.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

 Where to go ... 

Branka Markovikj

Your Account Manager

Martin Davies

Your Program Facilitator

Audrey Tay

Your Program Manager

 What to bring ... 

Courtyard Kuwait City

Course and lunch held in the hotel



During the training the facilitator will go through various models which can be downloaded from the workshop portal. More information on the portal is provided below.

The facilitator will also demonstrate risk modelling in the

R-project system. More information on R-Project can be found here [LINK]. Some of the class like to walk through the R-Project exercises with the facilitator.


If you would like to walk through these exercises, you will need to install R-Project on your computer.

Please bring either your Apple or Windows Notebook.

Dress attire is smart casual.

All printed materials will be provied.

 Reading and Materials 

Operational Risk Practitioner

The following pre-course reading materials have been prepared to help you gain a better background knowledge of what is to be covered in this course.

Part One ~ Op Risk Taxonomy & Frameworks

  • Lloyd Banks Risk Framework [LINK]

  • IFC Operational Risk Framework [LINK]

  • The new COSO Framework [LINK]

  • What works in Op Risk [LINK]

Part Two ~ Risk Assessment & Reporting

  • Scenario Analysis in Op Risk [LINK]

  • Internal Loss Data Reporting System [LINK]

  • Improving Board Level Reporting [LINK]

Part Three ~ Risk Quantification

  • Measuring Risk Appetite [LINK]

  • Shape of risk when things break [LINK]

Part Four ~ Regulation and Reporting

  • New SMA rules industry comments [LINK]

  • BIS on effective data integration [LINK

  • BIS on Basics for Op Risk [LINK]

Workshop Portal

As a valued Causal Capital customer, we offer indefinite access to the Operational Risk Workshop Portal.


Please register your Gmail address for unlimited access to the portal.

This course code is Op Kuwait 2016

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What is on the portal?

  • Case studies

  • Additional Reading materials

  • The presentations for this course

  • Risk Management Models

  • Practical Course Write Ups

What rights do I have on the portal?

  • Feel free to download the materials and even use the presentations in your own work.

  • Causal Capital believes in information sharing with acknowledgement.

  • Ask your facilitator technical questions here [LINK].

About the Certification

You will be given an exam at the end of the program, based on learning materials directly shared in the program. All participants that pass the exam will be issued with a Certificate in Operational Risk from the London School of Business.

Certificate Delivery

We register you with the university and certificates are posted to candidates after the program is completed.


Practical work and exam results contribute to your final score.

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