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Success Factors of

Heavy Oil Recovery

Some of the world's largest reserves are heavy oil reservoirs. These large reserves are found in more than thirty countries around the globe, but few of these deposits have been developed extensively.

The main challenge in heavy oil is not in finding resources, but in extracting, recovering, producing, and selling heavy crudes within often changing economic guidelines and environmental considerations. Under stable market conditions, heavy oil assets have the potential to generate many years of steady cash flow, typically producing for more than 60 years. However, when the energy ratio needed to produce and upgrade a barrel of heavy oil can be as high as 40%, balancing economics throughout the project is a challenge.

This 4-Day accelerated masterclass in Success Factors of Heavy Oil Recovery covers the industry overview of crude oil depletion strategies and presents an in-depth assessment of latest heavy oil recovery technologies and its associated economic considerations.




Training Schedule

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the industry’s latest technological advances, innovations and the success factors in Heavy Oil Recovery, and other exploration and producing strategies.  


  • Master the Heavy Oil Recovery techniques without engineering background, evaluate economic rewards and risks and be able to make business decisions


  • Gain broad perspective of the essential success factors in Heavy Oil Recovery, business functions, processes, and the best practices in the petroleum industry in maximizing return on investment


  • Enhance your understanding of the fundaments of conventional and heavy oil depletion strategies and the latest technologies to improve economics 

  • Master the Total barrel economics, various tools and techniques to improve the ultimate recovery of conventional oil, gas, and heavy oil   

  • Evaluate the technical, commercial, safety, environmental and financial aspects of conventional and oil business

  • Ascertain the criteria used in project economics decision-making and apply performance indicator tools on Heavy Oil projects; e.g., rate of return, NCF, NPV, PI, Payout, LRMC, Economic-limit given the prices of oil & gas.

  • Confidently discuss the technical terms, concepts and buzzwords with your peers and clients to improve business 

Learning Objectives

Who Should Attend

  • Joint Venture Officers

  • Corporate Planners

  • Refiners

  • Supply Planners & Schedulers

  • Government Regulators

  • Geoscientists & Engineers

  • Tax & Finance Advisors

  • Policy Advisors

  • Equity Analyst and Bankers​

  • Business & Development Managers

  • Negotiators
  • Traders

  • Auditors

  • Compliance Officers

  • Lawyers


Mr. Hameed Siddiqui is the President of Prescience Energy Consulting Inc., USA. He was the former Head of Marketing Services Division, Crude Oil Sales & Marketing, as well as Assistant to Vice President of Marketing in Saudi Aramco. Hameed is also the former Chairman of Society of Petroleum Engineers, Los Angeles Section, USA.

Hameed specializes in Oil & Gas Business Management, which includes Future Energy Trends, Identifying Critical Success Factors in Upstream and Downstream businesses, Supply Chain Value Management, Heavy and Unconventional Oil & Gas, International Oil Supply, Sales & Marketing, Trading, Risk Management, Petrochemicals, Designing Progressive Fiscal Tools in Contracts and Negotiations, and NOC-IOC Synergy.

Hameed Siddiqui

Oil & Gas Industry Expert

Hameed holds a Double-Master’s Degree from Stanford University (USA) i.e., MS in Petroleum Engineering and MS in Business Management, and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering/Refining from the IIT-Varanasi, India. He is a certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM, USA). After starting his career in the enhanced oil recovery research project sponsored by the US Department of Energy at Stanford University Petroleum Research Institute, Hameed moved into corporate planning (at Getty Oil / Texaco), specializing in the investment analysis of oil, gas, M&A, and diversified businesses.

This was followed by 30 years with Saudi Aramco, working at various projects in the US, UK, Germany, Egypt, & Saudi Arabia supporting management of oil & gas, international operations, strategic planning and petrochemical business. In the various roles he held in the company, he has conducted global crude oil sales and marketing. He has supported Saudi Aramco’s strategic planning, development of worldwide oil business, oil refineries, petrochemicals, and international joint ventures.

Hameed has published technical papers on Supply Change Management, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Integrated Planning, and Reservoir Modelling in the oil & gas industry. He is a member of SPE, AIChE, IAEE, and ASHRM. He was also honored as a President’s Scout with the prestigious certificate of merit and good conduct from the President of India, Mr. V.V. Giri. Hameed has trained/consulted in petroleum and petrochemical industries in worldwide locations. He has also presided in several international oil & gas petroleum conferences and seminars as Keynote Speaker, Expert Panel Member, Training Director, and Symposium Director.

Course Facilitator
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Competency training is a new and targetted way to deliver not just knowledge but know how to attendees that maximises their learning.


We lift the technical competency profile of staff so that they can make a true commercial difference to the companies they work for.

Nina Singh | Causal Capital Product Inteligence

Causal Capital has a really strong reputation for delivering quality training programs where participant learning lasts years after the knowledge transfer has begun.  We develop cutting edge masterclasses that addresses the real business problems our attendees face in their day to day work. Our learning is enjoyable, highly instructive, practical and easy to follow and we lift CV of our candidates to a best practice technical level.

  • All programs are hands onpractical and easy to follow

  • Materials are available in hard and electronic format

  • Attendees gain lifetime membership to portal libraries

  • Technical aspects are explained with real life examples

  • All our programs come with post workshop support

  • Real problem solving - Bring your business problem along

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