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   ISO 31000 Conference

A certified program in Dubai

14th to 17th February 2016

Certified by G31000

Martin Davies

Managing Director | Causal Capital

As a leader in creative risk solutions, Causal Capital is proud to be partnered with the G31000 platform to host an exciting conference on risk management that is annexed with the famous G31000 certificate on the

ISO 31000 international standard.

I have been monitoring the ISO 31000 space for some time now ... G31000 is currently a leading authority on the promotion of the global risk standard ISO 31000 and we are happy to be working with them on these kind of initiatives.

What's Happening Here


» G31000 Certification Awarded


» Indefinite access to a massive reading portal on risk management


» Multiple speakers sharing their experience in risk management across the gulf


» Conference points for discounts in future Causal Capital training programs


» Post workshop support

The Conference Day

A snapshot of activities for the day

This is the most exciting yet balanced conference day in risk management covering a huge scope of risk standards knowledge, local experience and best practices as well as risk modelling case studies.




Alex has some wonderful insight to share on ISO 31000 and its future direction.


Domenic also has detailed research on what constitutes a mature risk framework. His experience will be useful to the audience.


Mohammad's knowledge of how operational risk has been applied in companies across the gulf will be absolutely enlightening.


Martin's credit risk / op risk case study is elegant, easy to understand & extremely useful for those delving into ISO 31010 & beyond.

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