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 Applied Excel & Business


Sara Prenk

Professional Development Advisor

This is a London Shool of Business Certified Masterclass

Become a certified guru in Excel, solve business problems in an analytical way with models

Please do tell us what you would like to see in this masterclass and we will make a special effort to ensure your topics are included into the training ...

 Masterclass Benefits 


  • Highly practical course and easy to master

Become an expert analyst & more efficient


  • Real life case studies used to explain concepts

Easy to learn & applicable to your work


Add a quality certification to your CV


  • Bring your own business problems

We fix your problems while you learn


  • All material handed over in hard & soft copy

These are your materials, to reuse


  • Indefinite access to an online reading portal

The learning continues beyond the class


  • Post workshop support for technical areas

Even after the program you are supported

A deep dive into Microsoft Excel for modelling business problems ... Macros, Monte Carlo, Valuation, Forecasting and much more ...

Build a Performance Dashboard

Microsoft BI now integrates into Excel and we will build dashboards in this masterclass

You dont' even have to be technically minded to do this !

Who is this suitable for ?

Business Analysts & Excel Users

Business Analysts will gain direct insight into best practices that can be applied to solving business problems. If you REALLY want to learn Microsoft Excel, look at how it is put to work. This program isn't hard and we will take you from the basics right through into the advanced modelling techniques found in Excel. You will become an Excel master !!!

Risk Managers & Finance Teams

Learn how to value a company strategy using different methods, explore financial statements in new ways, quantify risk in a coherent manner, build a Value at Risk reporting dashboard, use Monte Carlo, Markov Analysis and optimise returns in asset portfolios with Excel's solver functions.


Operations and Sales Managers

Sales forecasting, scenario analysis, pivot tables, build heat maps and walk through easy to follow models that can be taken away to allow you to measure future business cases. The course isn't just about modelling but addresses business problems that are found in operations, quality control, capacity planning and much more.

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Develop effective assessment techniques and reporting methods for Key Performance Indicators

Price business strategies using models that can be applied to operations or sales 

Techniques for analysing market data, forecast using  Excel's in built statistical and scenario tools  

Advance Tooling in Business Analytics

The workshop will address a large number of technical challenges analysts face when modelling in Microsoft Excel. The workshop begins with how to frame business requirements, how to identify specific factors that can be used in modelling, building the models and generating reports. The workshop is a deep dive on Excel but it goes beyond the tools and also explores new ways to solve paradoxical problems business analysts face around capacity, cost modelling, forecasting, valuation & much more.

  • Integrate Excel with databases and dashboards

  • Goal Seek, Scenario Analysis, Solver demonstrated

  • Learn how to value Discounted Cash Flow & more

  • Monte Carlo, Markov Analayis, ARIMA demonstration

  • Models for measuring quality and performance

  • Data tables, Pivot reportingError checking

  • Extracting financial statements & ratio analysis

  • Develop dynamic reports for stakeholders

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