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Latest Fintech Trends 2017

A highly informative and practical single day info-conference that introduces bankers to not just the new trends in banking but how to transform the bank so that it can be ahead of the market. In this session you will learn about disruptive technology, new products, new sources of cyber risk and gain insight into the systems that are transforming all parts of the bank from the treasury unit to retail banking.

Gain insight into emerging products disrupting traditional facilities. Learn how technology allows banks to reach a different market and how to be part of the movement.

From algorithmic trading to new investment fund strategies and instruments explained. Latest updates on investment and private banking ... Where are the opportunities.

New Mediums for Settlement Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies. See how banking is changing, learn what the leaders are doing & how to prepare for transition.

New markets for debt, trade finance, new facilities and trends in cash management are explained. Latest research and trend data shared. Learn where is the market going.

Internal systems, practices in risk management, controlling cyber threats, automation and profiling clients for credit risk and market analysis explained.

Manila, 7 Sep 2017

This is a one off event and no future programs are being planned

Instruction Schedule

Working with bankers in the emerging markets

"Martin is an incredible banker with knowledge that stretches across IT, banking process and products"

Head of Operations | Philippine Banker

  • Retail, commercial & investment banking skills

  • Worked with tier 1 & local Mizuho, ADB, Bank of America, Bank of China, Deutshe Bank, Bank Central Asia ...

 Three Deep Dive Sessions 

Integrated Technological Trends

Emerging Products

Internal & Global Practices


  • Overview on tech that drives change

  • Biggest changes highlights in retail banking

  • New bank Client Expectation shifts

  • ROI on Fintech why banks are adapting

  • Partnering in the supply chain strategies

  • From Derivatives to Fintech new banking

  • Check List on Fintech Requirements

  • How to open new markets top ten shown

  • Winning banks & losing banks discussed

  • Fintech Roadmap changing role of banking


  • Cash Management is rapidly changing

  • New instruments for Trade Finance

  • How and why Cryptocurrencies work

  • Learn how the Blockchain works

  • Mobile Banking Rebooted what next

  • Disruptive Settlement Mediums explored

  • New Treasury Reporting Client Facilities 

  • Learn how Funding Channels broaden

  • Test and Buy Banking how does it work

  • Fintech Assessment ~ Where are you?


  • How to enable adoption of Fintech

  • Modeling Client Behavior Case Study

  • Low cost high ROI Fintech learn how

  • Performance Dashboards report trends

  • Case Study on Distributed Computing

  • Identifying Cyber Risks from Fintech 

  • Example Fintech units in BCA & CBA

  • Trends in managing Fintech development

  • Remaining compliant in Fintech Domain

  • Big Data, Deep Learning explained

Program Registation

+65 8646 9843

Frocy Labrador

Head of Innovative Learning

Customise and build your own training or take this training inside your own bank.

We consider all requests and ...

  • We can add topics into the program.

  • We can focus on specific aspects of the circular s if you wish.

  • We can adapt any part of this training to meet your exact needs.

"Martin and his approach to Risk technology have had a positive impact on my work"

Operational Risk | Metrobank

"This program walks the class through the entire space of investment banking and can be truly understood at a solution level"

Senior Analyst | BNP Paribas

"Access to all the learning materials and a transfer of the right to use the materials within our bank is an incredible value proposition for this training that goes beyond"

Head of Audit | Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank



Causal Capital is a leading provider of banking knowledge, product and process development. We service the banking community from Istanbul to Manila with best practice solutions for Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking.

All our programs are hands on, delivered with real life case studies and practical exercises that are easy to follow.

We lift the technical competency profile of bankers so that they can make a true commercial difference to the institutions they work for.

Martin Davies | Managing Director ~ Causal Capital

  • All programs are hands onpractical and easy to follow

  • Materials are available in hard and electronic format

  • Attendees gain lifetime membership to portal libraries

  • Technical aspects are explained with real life examples

  • All our programs come with post workshop support

  • Real problem solving ... Bring your op risk problem along

T: +65 6221 7919 | +65 6221 7939



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