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  Enterprise Risk  Management  For 

 City Development 

ERM Roadmap

 The ERM Objective 

The Enterprise Risk Management day is a deep dive morning session for senior managers at the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu where you will learn about a Best Practice ERM roadmap for the commission.

Municipalities all over the world are embracing Enterprise Risk Management frameworks to help managers identify, assess and treat risks that threaten their business model, operating environment and society at large.  This session explores what RCJY can do to reduce risk and enhance its overal value proposition.

 What is covered 

~ ERM Best Practice for Cities 

~ Measure value in ERM fameworks

~ Scope of ERM today

~ What can RCJY do to reduce risk

~ Risk Reporting for Boards

~ ERM Challenges for KSA

~ What needs to be in place

~ How to plan crisis responses

~ ERM & Forecasting in Cities 

~ New Standards Explained

~ Vision 2030 & ERM

~ Gulf Resilience through ERM

~ Who does what for ERM

How to know we are on track

~ What comes next

~ Ask any ERM question

 Three Sessions Explained 

" Really get up to speed on why Enterprise Risk Management is important for RCJY "

Milan Jovanovic

Professional Development Advisor

Enterprise Risk

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Learn about the benefits an Enterprise Risk Management Framework can bring to RCJY. See what other municipalities are doing so that you can benchmark your ERM journey. 

  1. Benefits of ERM clearly explained

  2. A world class case study explored

  3. What are other cities doing

Gain insight into a winning Enterprise Risk Management process front to back and walk the steps from Risk identification through to treatment using real life examples.

  1. Learn how ERM frameworks work

  2. Walk through a case study on ERM

  3. See how different risks are addressed

Understand what is needed to make Enterprise Risk Management a success, learn about the roles and responsibilities of different people in an effective framework. 

  1. Roles & Responsibilities explained

  2. Sample ERM Reports explored

  3. How to measure risk demonstrated

" What I really like about this program is the practical nature of it. ERM concepts are explained using real life case studies "

Economic Decision Making

ERM / FRM Solutions

Facility Planning

Enterprise Risk Software

Investing into ERM

Responding to Catastrophes

 Focus Areas 

All reading materials are handed across to participants on a portal & access to the portal is forever.

Note from the facilitator | Causal Capital

Post workshop question and answer support is provided & real life cases studies are used.

A leader in ERM Frameworks | Causal Capital

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